Live in Portland, Oregon (2018)


"We didn't rehearse. Eric flew in from L.A. and Billy from Montana, and I rose in the New England dark, drove a predawn hour to the airport and flew 3,000 miles across the country. Eric and I rented a car and a backline amp, found the club and walked out for tacos. Billy pulled up in a taxi after a while and we checked sound, wandered out to dinner, wandered back. We found a bar down the street and two guys who had tickets to the show paid for our drinks. Back at the club, we changed our shirts, and I walked across the street for coffee. When they gave us the five-minute warning Billy started pacing around swinging his arms while Eric went out to tune his steel. Then we walked out to play. It's the story of a lot of nights: you're tired as hell but happy to be working. You get paid to travel and you play for free. But this one had something."

- Jeffrey Foucault, from the liner notes of JEFFREY FOUCAULT LIVE IN PORTLAND, OR. 11/5/15


Recorded at Alberta Rose Theater in Portland, Oregon, by Jason Rappaport, and featuring longtime band members Billy Conway on suitcase drum kit and Eric Heywood on pedal steel and electric guitars, JEFFREY FOUCAULT: LIVE IN PORTLAND, OR. 11/5/15 captures the first night of the SALT AS WOLVES west coast release tour in November 2015, with high-energy trio performances of songs from that album, as well as from HORSE LATITUDES and GHOST REPEATER. Essentially a field recording, the recording was unplanned, a document of one night on the road.


1. There's a Destruction On This Land (Words: Rev. Gary Davis, Music: Jeffrey Foucault)
2. Des Moines
3. Rico
4. I Love You (And You Are a Fool)
5. Slow Talker
6. Blue for Jessie Mae
7. Appolline
8. Heart to the Husk
9. Everybody's Famous
10. Idaho
11. Paradise
12. I Left This Town
13. Hurricane Lamp